Zambales Shoot

Went to Zambales to shoot a beach scene. Unexpected rains had us shooting intermittently throughout the day. Dark clouds roiled over us drenching the beach with rain. When the water came pouring down, we huddled inside the tents, hanging onto the metal struts for fear that the wind would blow the canopy away. After a few minutes, sky would clear up and there wouldn’t  be a drop from the sky and then we’d shoot again.

But after a few takes, the crew would spot another heavy patch headed for shore and we’d huddle back into the tents and the crew would lug the film camera back into safer cover. Big umbrellas would cover the HMIs and everyone was frantically covering valuable electronic equipment. What would normally take a half-day shoot took us till 530 pm to finish.

So there would be long stretches of waiting and sitting around and basically doing nothing but clowning around and tsismis – the favorite agency snack. So I drew and I drew and I drew. I drew the houses along the beach, which were named after Biblical characters. The first drawing below is a hut named Isaac.

There was a Mark, a Matthew, a Luke and a John. I also spotted a Micah on the way back to the van.




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