From the dust bin: old character sketches for “Taguan”

These drawings will never see the light of day if I don’t post them here. Back in 2007 I was tapped to illustrate a Filipino graphic novel published by Adarna and written by Don Valdez. The book was entitled “Taguan”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet the deadlines because of my day job in advertising.

They asked Robert Magnuson to replace me as the illustrator on the project. Strangely enough, the book hasn’t come out yet. Here is a teaser for the project done my Magnuson.

Here are my initial and very rough studies for the some of the characters in the book.



4 thoughts on “From the dust bin: old character sketches for “Taguan””

    1. I’m wondering the same thing. Heard from Budjette that Adarna seems to have realized that coming out with a graphic novel from scratch is too difficult and time consuming. Adarna was really hands on with the editing of the manuscript.

  1. i seriously havent seen your works before and im impressed with your sketches for the book. too bad you werent able to continue with it. hope you could do a graphic novel soon. youve already gone through so much to not realize that you were born to do these things hehehe cheers

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