Drawing “Tapat”

I finally finished my illustrations for the 1st issue of TAPAT. I wanted to go analogue for the cover but because of time constraints, I figured I’d try my hand at doing a digital painting.

Before doing the final piece, I submitted two studies to the editors for their approval. The 1st study had the POV closer to the main figures where the viewer could see them doing the deed up close and personal. The 2nd study had the POV above the main figures, hopefully creating a more detached feeling and maybe even the impression of catching the figures in the heat of the moment.

Study 1, with the POV closer to the figures

Study 2, with the POV above the figures

The editors liked the angle from the 2nd study but they liked the way the figures were showcased in the 1st. Now, how am I going to resolve that?

I decided on retaining the same POV from the 2nd study and after sketching the characters in different angles, I ended up reversing their position and showing more of the their features to the viewer.

Here’s the final piece and the version with the masthead all in.

Photoshop 8.5 x 11" 400 dpi

Cover illustration with all the details

Below is an additional interior illustration from the same issue.


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