Logging out for good

I planned it around 2 years ago. I remember staring out into EDSA at the morning traffic from the packed MRT cab and made a mental checklist of what I needed to do before I left the ad agency for good. Sometimes I think that when I came to the company almost 4 years ago I was already planning my exit strategy.

I’ve had my share of disappointments. We lost quite a few competitions. None of the stuff I thought was pretty good work got produced and a large chunk of the past 3 plus years was spent on work that ended up in the shredder. When I look back at most of my meager accomplishments during this time, very few of them were advertising related anyway. Even the design competition I got a silver for was from a personal initiative. So maybe the ad life isn’t for me.

But ultimately, I wanted to leave because there was more to life than doing ads for other people and throwing away 16 hour days doing stuff that never sees that light of day.

So I packed up my stuff over a year ago. On my last day at the office, it was just a matter of a picking up a few remaining trinkets and keepsakes and backing up some files. Then, I was ready to go.

But as if to confirm the wisdom of my decision, I was embroiled in a pitch for most of my final day at the office. I was working up to the last minute when I finally logged out of my computer at 9pm.

And in the end, there was no big hoopla and no major send-off after nearly 4 years of service. I quietly slipped away into the night for one last time and off into a new adventure.



One comment

  1. wow they sure knew how to treat their employees right…i’d really like to experience it one day, just for the sake of experience.

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