Nekko & The Summer Komikon

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I’ve been going to the Komikon held at the UP Diliman, Bahay ng Alumni since its inception and every year fills me with great envy at all the komikeros and komikistas plying their photocopied and stapled books. Every year I resolve to make my own little books and pleadingly sell them to whoever’s willing to part with a couple of their hard-earned pesos. And every year, I fail to live up to that resolution and ultimately perpetuate the cycle of envy and despair.

Nevertheless, the Komikon (now dubbed the Summer Komikon) has been a wonderful yearly pilgrimage where geeks can congregate and enjoy komiks without being dominated by anime cosplayers.

This year, Abi and I had the bright idea of sharing book purchases so we can save on money. We even managed to pick out a new addition to the family…a fat black pillow of a cat we’ve named Tabinekko.



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