Lovely dining experience at Persia Grill turns sour

Let me start out by saying I love the food at Persia Grill. Abi and I have eaten at their Valero and Skygarden branches but we mostly visit the latter because SM North Edsa is where we usually do our malling. Lately we’ve been craving Persia Grill a lot and the chelo tikka is fast becoming one of our comfort meals.

Okay, having said that, it’s unfortunate that something should sour our dining experience. A few hours ago, we ate dinner at Persia Grill Skygarden. Abi and I chose a table near the entrance so we could be more visible to the waiters. That and because the other table had one of their big pipe things.

We ordered our chelo tikkas and while waiting did some emailing on the laptop we had with us.

Then another party came into the restaurant. They were around 5 people and they took the table next to us (the one with the big pipe thing). Apparently, they were having trouble fitting themselves into the table (not really sure why) but one of the male waiters came up to us and asked us if we could exchange seats with the group.

“Sir, baka pwede pong lumipat na lang sila doon para dito na lang po yung kabilang grupo.”

Huh? The question caught me off guard. Why was he asking us to sacrifice our seat to another group? In fairness to the other group, they never asked to change places with us. It was all the waiter’s initiative to try and find a suitable solution.

Abi and I really didn’t want to exchange places. But we didn’t know what to do because the waiter had put us on the spot. Do we look like selfish bastards for wanting to keep the seat or do we look like pushovers and give up the seat we got in the first place.

“Alam mo, hindi mo kasi dapat kami tinatanong ng ganyan eh.”, I said.

To which he answered: “Kung gusto niyo lang naman po sir eh.” I could sense that his tone was defensive but he genuinely didn’t understand what all the fuss was.

Duh. If I wanted that table, then we would have gotten it in the first place.

It was a good thing that one of the guys from the other party tried proposing a solution to the waiter so that we didn’t have to exchange seats. The other customer was very conciliatory and props to them.

So we ended up keeping our seat. But that little exchange dampened our appetites. What irks me is the fact that the waiter didn’t even realize how uncomfortable he made us feel.

So let me reiterate that although Persia Grill serves great food, the attitude of that specific male waiter leaves much to be desired.



  1. It really was an uncomfortable situation. But you have to be really careful when dealing with food service staff, especially waiters. Here’s a praning reason why, some of them has the tendency to sabotage your food, i.e. put or do disgusting things to it.

    Pag may mangyari na ganitong similar situation sa inyo. It’s best to ask for their manager, lalo na kung nagiging hostile or defensive yung waiter na humarap sa inyo. Bakit ganun ang sagot niya sa inyo?

    May naalala akong traumatic experience sa Oliver’s High Street, na hindi ko na na-blog dahil kinabukasan namatay yung aso namin. Oh diba? Uunahin ko pa ba yung ungas na yun?

  2. I absolutely agree, there is something wrong with the waiters in the resto. They need further training in customer service. The food was great but the service people are not that great.

  3. Had a bad experience with them too, but it was in the branch near La Salle. Because my sister and I ordered only two things (we’re tiny people), I guess they thought we didn’t have money and didn’t give us the service they were providing the other guests.

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