Beginning again

Something I'm working on for an upcoming exhibit.

Since resigning from my job as an art director, I’ve decided to devote myself to art making full-time while taking on mostly illustration and design freelance jobs to pay the bills. But it’s turning out to be harder than I thought. Not the keeping myself afloat part but the making art part. Free time doesn’t necessarily breed loads to artworks. At least not in my case. I guess I got so used to working based on structured objectives that it’s become difficult to find my own voice.

Thankfully I got out before the system swallowed me completely.

Abi painting at Art Informal

So in the interest of leveling up the ‘ol art skills,  Abi and I have started taking oil painting classes at Art Informal. I never knew how much I forgot until I started painting again. Photoshop has spoiled me silly. Painting again is like working out athropied muscles. It’s been slow going at the start but I just gotta log in the hours.

Work-in-progress painting

Frida the big dog


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