Planning 2011

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Okay. There were easier ways to get my own organizer / planner. Like buying one for starters. Or waiting for someone to give it to me as a gift. Hell, collecting Starbucks coupons would have been easier. But…for some reason, I decided to make my own.

I wanted specific blanks and tables in my planner and I wanted a certain kind of paper for it too.  Some planners have one but not the other. Some look functional but too boring. Some look nice but scrimp on the functionality part. So, I just decided I’ll make my own.

I thought it would be easy enough. Cobble together a few illustrations, lay out the pages and print them on my deskjet.

Unfortunately, it took weeks to print the interiors with continuous trial and error and a lot of wasted pages.

But, despite all the headaches, I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out. Maybe I’ll even sell a version of it in 2012. Anybody interested? ;P


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