The Empty Mall

I love going to malls in the mornings, when the shops have just opened and the whole complex feels like a sleepy giant in the first few moments of having woken up.

I like watching movies in the mornings too. when there’s hardly anybody in the theatre and sitting in the dead center of the movie house makes you feel like its your own private entertainment center.

In the mornings, malls look like cathedrals of consumerism complete with their mannequin idols and beautiful merchandise.

That’s the fun thing about malls in the mornings. With so few people milling about, it almost feels like you have the run of the place.

Sale days, on the other hand, are the worst. For a handful of days, it feels like everybody in the city suddenly decided to go shopping at the same time. Finding parking spaces becomes an ordeal and the crowds pressing against each other  along the walkways becomes suffocating.


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