Let me relish this moment despite the potential embarrassment of selling a novice work to one of my favorite Philippine contemporary painters, Elmer Borlongan. It seems fitting though that somebody take the painting away from me. I had meant to keep it for myself after our 3 month exhibit starting this November. But the chance of Borlongan and his wife Plet Bolipata owning my work had a delicious storylike quality to it that I decided, what the hey. Let it go, let it all go.

Making the artwork was cathartic. It was borne out of personal circumstances and for friends, the references were obvious. I initially wanted to experiment with a new medium for my entry into the INK exhibit, but something was nagging at me. A large part of me just wanted to paint a picture. It was a good thing that I had experience enough to listen to the nagging at the back of my head.

I have never sold an original artwork in my life. I’ve made illustrations for ad campaigns and children’s books, but they were all for reproduction. Nobody showed enough interest to actually buy something from me. Everybody just seems to want a free picture. I hope I can be forgiven for feeling a little too giddy.

So, over a year after quitting my corporate job to focus on painting and illustration, I maybe getting signs that I might me on the right track after all.



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