Moleskine Love

I finally bought a new moleskine notebook.

I’ve been holding out for a couple of months now because I was trying to find a good but cheaper alternative. When I couldn’t find one, I tried magically thinking that I’d stumble on to something at half-price or get one for free. That didn’t work out so well. I even asked if they had something on sale, but they didn’t have the notebook size I wanted.

So, I finally gave in and plunked down the 1000+ pesos for the shiny new notebook. This time around though, I bought a bright red moleskine. I usually buy it in black but the red cover was calling out to me, so I got it instead. I like the moleskine sketchbook because it’s inconspicuous and portable. I also prefer the smooth, heavy and slightly yellowish, bristol-like pages. There are a lot of cheaper, good quality black bound sketchbooks, but the paper is often thinner or coarser and incapable of taking the paint and water-damage.

A moleskine sketchbook can take a lot of punishment. And the dings and scrapes often add character to the book. I used to get the jitters just before drawing on an expensive notebook. After a couple of years, I got so used to working on a moleskine that drawing on a pricey notebook didn’t scare me quite as much. You just gotta dive in and draw.

Despite being my preferred drawing book, moleskines are just too expensive. Maybe a little bit more magical thinking will get me a moleskine sponsorship ;P


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