Pencils and Ice Cream at the Studio

I just came from a meeting with my client, the Philippine franchise owners of New Zealand Natural Ice Cream and they gave me a free sample! The branch at SM Fairview just opened this month and I can’t wait for the other branches (read: those nearer to my house) to open.

I never could resist ice cream.

There are a lot of things on my plate right now aside from ice cream. My schedule for next week is peppered with deadlines for each day. This doesn’t even include the stuff I have to do form my day job at Studio Dialogo.

My attempt at paper cutting. Someday, I’ll get around to actually finishing one of these.


Working on pencil illustrations for a magazine.

Not that I ever had much of a view. But now, even less so because of the house being constructed across the street. The construction workers on the other hand have an unobstructed view into my studio space.

My little studio space viewed from the balcony of the house. Yes, it has a piece of cloth for a door knob. What’s wrong with that? ;P

I love big tables. So when I finally took over this space. I bought a simple but roomy work table.

I do love working beside a wall of books. The space isn’t completely mine yet. A lot of other people’s stuff is still piled in a corner of the area.

More shelves inside my room. The construction of these shelves solved the perennial problem of having all my books on the floor. It’s all good…for now. But there are still books that haven’t been given a proper place and I’m fast losing space. All this is a great argument for going paperless with ebooks. That’s something I’m doing now, exclusively for novels. But nothing beats having a printed copy of an artbook.


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