Book Binge…again

There’s a lesson in all this: stay away from bookstores when tired and in need of a pick me up.

After literally spending a night at the museum (the Ayala Museum to be exact) preparing for our INK Annual Exhibit, I wanted a good art book…or four (the fourth one not shown here).

This week week, I ended buying Joe the Barbarian (Deluxe Edition), the B.P.R.D. Plague of Frogs Omnibus Vol. 1, Flight of Angels from Vertigo and The Conference of the Birds by Peter Sis.

I had previously read Joe the Barbarian and B.P.R.D through digital downloads but I’ve always wanted my own copies. Especially with B.P.R.D., which I had been following for years now. The trades were a little bit to expensive on their own and by now there are a lot of volumes out. When I saw the Omnibus edition, it was as good a time as any to get into collecting the series.

Flight of Angels on the other was an impulse buy (well, more impulsive than the rest). I read about the book in the Vertigo blog and it sounded interesting. I still haven’t read it though, so the jury’s out if it was a good buy.

The big surprise though was Peter Sis’ The Conference of the Birds, an adaptation of a Persian poem. Wiki here. I saw it sitting on a shelf behind the Fully Booked counter as I was paying for Flight of Angels.

I immediately browsed through the copy and it was beautiful and lyrical. It’s the kind of book that screams instant classic. Highly recommended.


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