Without Walls: A tour of Philippine Paintings at the turn of the millenium

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I finally bought Without Walls:  A tour of Philippine Paintings at the turn of the millenium. It’s a survey of Philippine Contemporary Painting as represented by 73 leading Filipino artists.

Among those featured are Leo Abaya, Marcel Antonio, Andres Barrioquinto, Elmer Borlongan, Annie Cabigting, Charlie Co, Louie Cordero, Leslie de Chavez, Emmanuel Garibay, Nona Garcia, Geraldine Javier, Mark Justiniani, Yasmin Sison, Rodel Tapaya, Ronald Ventura and a host of other great artists.

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. Without Walls is without a doubt expensive. At PhP 3,500 (it could go as high as 4,000 depending on where you buy it) and clocking in at around 270-plus pages, it may be beyond the casual art lover’s budget.

But consider that there may not be many copies of this book lying around. A google search of Winrum Publishing yielded very little information about the publisher itself. And since it’s a Philippine publication (an in full color hardcover no less), I think it’s safe to assume that the print run isn’t all that high.

So, I took the plunge and emptied my wallet.

It took months before I finally decided to buy the book. But beyond its steep price, the value of Without Walls as an artbook is certainly without question. The book collects all of my most favorite Filipino painters in one volume. The layout is clean and competent and the reproductions are also of high quality. It’s comparable to international artbooks, in both packaging and content. Content being the biographical essays and reproductions of the artists works.

So is it worth it? Well, I think it is. This book finally collects all this high caliber talent in one volume.

Now, if we can only get one for sculptural works.

Taken from a Philippine Star article: Without Walls: A Tour of Philippine Paintings at the Turn of the Millennium is now available at Tin-Aw Art Gallery, Finale Art File, Silverlens Gallery, West Gallery, The Drawing Room Gallery, Manila Contemporary Gallery, Paseo Art Gallery and select branches of Fully Booked.


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