In which I get reacquainted with a Prince and a Swallow

Detail and Full View

I recently read an interview with comic book artist Adam Hughes on his previously announced but never released All-Star Wonder Woman series a couple of years back. And here’s what he had to say about it:

“I would work on it, and then get sidetracked by single-illustration assignments, covers and such, because they pay faster. I’m really slow, and doing interior work that doesn’t pay until you get lots of pages in the drawer isn’t conducive to paying the bills.”

And that pretty much sums up why my book “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde is very much delayed. With only 3 illustrations left to do you’d think it would be easy going. But you’d be wrong. I’ve been working on it since last year and aside from a day job plus various projects (I worked on 3 other books last year that left me ragged),  I also got sidelined by a computer crash and a minor surgery.

But at least I’m trying to get cracking on it again and I managed to finish this page today. I’ll have to celebrate when I finish this book.


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