Tarsiers, horses and germs

It’s been a jam packed two weeks with all nighters nearly everyday and absolutely zero exercise. I’ve just begun to catch my breath but a lot of work is still threatening to run me over.

I’ve been working on a new children’s book for a month now. It’s the latest installment in OMF Lit’s Tito Dok series written by Dr. Luis P. Gatmaitan. The book is about germs, bacteria and viruses and interestingly enough, I got sick for a few days while working on it.


At the same time, I was able to participate in Jomike Tejido’s 2nd Robotars Custom Toy Show. I’m not much of a toy designer or a sculptor but I did my best anyway despite being intimidated to near paralysis from seeing the other participants’ works.



After finishing my robotars figurine, I wrapped up work on another custom figure exhibit entitled Takatak Attack held at 10a Alabama St. near E. Rodriguez Avenue. The exhibit was held to showcase and drum up support for the craft of the “taka“. A folksy Philippine toy horse made out of papier mache.




Ironically, despite managing to finish and submit my entries to two concurrent exhibitions, I wasn’t able to make the opening of either one. Too exhausted to do anything, I just stayed at home to sleep it all off.


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