I once told myself that I’d be going on a “book diet”. I’m not exactly flush with cash, so scaling back on the book purchases seems like a responsible and adult thing to do.

Unfortunately, I do think I’m an emotional book shopper. When I’m happy, I buy books and when I’m sad, I buy books. Which means, I always buy books.

There was a time when I really scaled down on my graphic novel purchases. I was able to convince myself that because Marvel and DC seem to either reboot, retcon or change the status quo every couple of years, buying superhero books was pointless. I’ll just read someone else’s copy or borrow digital files. Better to plough my money to indie or creator owned properties with characters that have finite stories.

But, somehow, I forgot all about that and I started buying superhero books again. It should be noted that I’ve read these stories before. I even have, ahem, the digital files. But I just wanted to own the physical copies (who says piracy doesn’t lead to sales?). So I started by picking up Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo‘s Batman run (now on it’s 2nd volume). Then I picked up Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca‘s two Invincible Iron Man oversized hardcover volumes, despite already owning some of the trades I got at Book Sale! Now I just got Mark WaidMarcos Martin and Paolo Rivera‘s Daredevil oversized hardcover!

Well, so much for book dieting.



  1. I feel you! Ako rin may ganyang problema, although may mga rare occassions na ngayon na napapasundot ako ng bili sa bookstore, sinasadya kong umiwas dumaan sa Fully Booked. It’s both a wonderland and a cash vaccum for me. 😛

    1. Oo, parang treasure hunt sa Book Sale. 🙂 you never know what you’re going to get. in a weird way, mas enjoy ako sa Book Sale kaysa sa Books For Less. Sa Books For Less kasi mas mahal tapos parang mas aware sila sa money value ng books na binebenta. Sa Book Sale kasi parang may element na baka maka-jackpot ka bigla kaya ang saya. 🙂

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