Moving Pictures: A Behind-the-Scenes Post

Way back in 2007, I made a short music video as an entry to the Nokia “You Make It Reel Video Competition”. The organizers gave us a 1 minute track made by the Greyskulls and we had to shoot a music video using the Nokia 93i. Since I have no people skills to deal with real live actors, I settled on drawing and animating my entry; something no one was crazy or patient enough to do. I, thankfully, ended up winning the competition.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of how tedious the entire process was. I don’t think I ever got around to posting these pictures because I was embarrassed with the crudeness of my set-up. But time has a way of making it all seem fun in hindsight.


Drawing on the white board with the N93i fastened into place


Poor lighting conditions. I used desk lamps and styrofoam boards as reflectors. The N93i is on top of a stack of books and fastened onto the side of wooden box.


Erasing parts of the white board drawing


Storyboard and timing sheet letting me know how many frames I’ve done.


Rubber band and sticky tack holds the video phone in place. I covered up the red light sensor with sticky tack because it was shining a red dot onto to my whiteboard.

The cool thing was, this video led to a short television commercial for RC Cola. For this TVC, I had help with the animation from my friend, Ivan Reverente.



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