In which I resuscitate a slumbering comics project

Working at Harrison for 4 months has prevented me from focusing on my long delayed comic project. Well, hopefully not any more. I’ve finished the 17 page first of the story and I think works as a short piece. But I’ve yet to fully develop the longer part of the story. I guess that happens during the rest of this year. 🙂


3rd World Snow in Heights

It didn’t get noticed in the recently concluded Neil Gaiman/Fully Booked Graphic Fiction Competition. But I guess this is a good enough consolation. 3rd World Snow finally got published and it seems fitting that it appear in Heights – the literary organization I was part of when I was studying in the Ateneo.

The good people from the org sent over copies of the book via courier after I told them that it would be difficult for me to pick it up while still working in Makati. The package arrived today and I so love receiving packages like this.

I made this little story during the Lingua Comica workshop in London two years back. It was part of a collaborative piece I did with my Indonesian-Italian partner Paola Cortese. It was supposed to be appear in a compilation of our works but until now, we have no word about the status of that book.

But even if 3rd World Snow makes it into an international publication, the version printed in Heights is the definitive full-color piece.

Thank you, Heights!


Blogging from London

Quick blog from London on an internet kiosk with metal keys. it’s difficult to type so this will be brief. 

The air is unbelievably cold, though i’m told it’s nothing. The buildings are beatiful.

it’s odd and wonderful that we sit around in conferences talking seriously about comics.

we ate at a pakistani restaurant near brick lane. we  look like the UN. French, German, Irish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Italian, India and Filipino. 🙂

More soon.