INK Flipping: Ang INK Catalogs over the years

The Ang INK (Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan) catalog is a DIY piece made by the members and given to various companies and publications who may need the services of an illustrator. It’s a self-promo piece and sadly, it has seen better days. Over the years, the catalog has gotten thinner and thinner. Extending deadlines never seems to help as fewer and fewer members bother to make entries.

There used to be a time when entries by Pepper Roxas and Robert Alejandro were lovely little fold-out affairs. Having seen their entries when I was new member inspired me to make my own entries different every year.

For the INK Orientation Seminar yesterday, Fran Alvarez made a short video (shot and edited with her iPhone 4S no less) showcasing some INK Catalogs over the years. Here’s hoping it inspires both old and new members to submit their own exciting entries.