Resurrected Books

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This year, I decided to make gifts for my studio mates at Studio Dialogo. I bought some second hand books from Book Sale, slapped on some Mod Podge, cut out a bunch of old magazines and collaged them with some oil painted faces done on canvas pad. It’s been a very busy holiday season.

This marks a first for me: I’ve never gutted a book in my life before until now.

Found Christmas

Poster by Angela Taguiang

‘Christmas is huge here in the Philippines. I hear Christmas songs in the malls as early as September and the festive season lasts until the first week of January. By this time a lot of groups and offices are celebrating their Christmas parties. Today isĀ Ang INK‘s turn.

And what Christmas party would be complete without exchanging gifts. This year, Zeus suggested we give out a found object (that together with an earlier agreed book gift).

So I made an artwork from an old book I got from Book Sale.

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And Pergy took it home! Coincidentally, Pergy was also the first one to comment on the artwork when I posted it on facebook.